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When it is time to relocate your home or business to a new building, one of the biggest and most daunting tasks is getting everything hauled out of the first location. The removal and transport of your furniture is something that should be taken seriously and conducted with the utmost care. First Point Removals will efficiently and safely remove and relocate your items so that you can focus on the other numerous aspects of moving day.

Don’t try to tackle this task on your own. Minimize your risk of injury and even save some money by hiring the professional furniture movers at First Point Removals.

Overview Of The AMC Removals Company

Posted by Bridget Phillips on  November 22, 2018
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Are you currently looking for a removals company in Dublin that can help you? You may want to work with what is considered to be the best affordable removal service in all of Ireland. A company by the name of AMC Removals & Storage might be exactly what you are looking for. This full-featured company is one of the best and is also an affordable business that can cater to your needs. If you need to move a short distance, or if you are traveling outside of your town or city, they will be with you every step of the way.

What You Should Know About AMC 

This business has been operating for many years, providing exceptional services for those that need to move to different locations. They also provide storage services for those that are simply needing to store access belongings for extended periods of time. Regarded as Ireland’s leading business and house moving company, they offer a wide range of commercial and domestic services. For example, they can do domestic moves that are within Ireland, and they also specialize in international moves to countries like Australia and the United States.

What Services Do They Currently Offer? 

This business provides moving services with their fleet of vehicles that can cater to any amount of merchandise that needs to be moved or placed into storage. They also have their own storage facilities, making it easy to use both of these services where they will do all of the work for you. The moving services that they offer include moving from your house, packaging everything, and they can also do business or office relocations. International moves to Europe, Australia, the US, and many other countries are also available. They can help you if you have antiques that are very valuable. Piano removals are also possible with this business. In regard to storage, they have both large and small units that are available, allowing you to store your belongings in a fully heated warehouse that is temperature controlled. They also monitor the interior of the warehouse 24 hours a day and have an active fire prevention system installed. They offer general storage, self-storage, and full storage services.

Why Many People Choose This Company 

Many people choose this company for three specific reasons. First of all, it is their notoriety. They are a well-known business all throughout Ireland, and you have likely seen the AMC removals company trucks driving by. Second, they are a very helpful business. When you go to their website, they provide removal hints which are tips on how to move quickly and efficiently. Finally, after reading those hints, you may realize that you do need the full services offered by this company to move from your current location. You will choose them because of their low prices, and their reputation for providing excellent services. Therefore, the third reason that people choose them is because of a combination of professionalism combined with affordability.

How Can You Contact This Business? 

Contacting this company is as simple as calling them on the phone. They provide toll-free numbers that you can use. They also have an email that you can use to request their services. You can contact them directly from their website. Once you have made contact, you can tell them where you are, where you need to move, and how much merchandise will be part of this removals process. They will then give you a quote on how much it will cost, one that will likely be less than all of their competitors. Even if it is similar, you will still want to use the AMC removals company because of their reputation for doing the best possible job. This includes their services for domestic and commercial removal services.

When Should You Schedule A Time To Work With Them? 

In the same way that there are peak travel seasons where more people will be going on vacations, the same is true for the moving industry. Most of the removals will happen during the spring and summer months. This tends to taper off as we approach autumn and winter. If you need to move during the peak season, you should contact them at least a week before you need to be out of your current location and moved into another. Giving them two weeks is probably preferable, even though this is one of the largest removals businesses in all of Ireland. This will ensure that the date that you want to move will not be a problem for this company. Once it is scheduled, you can feel confident that all of your belongings can be moved safely and securely to your new destination.

How To Save The Most Money 

It is possible that they may be running specials on some of their services. The same is true for the storage units that they have available. If you are searching the web or looking through a local paper, you may see them advertising. You can utilize this discount to your advantage by scheduling a time to move before the special offer is expired. Even if they do not have a discount promotion, you will always know that you are getting one of the best deals available. They pride themselves on not only providing professional services but affordable rates for all of their customers.

AMC removal company is a business you can trust. If you have to move out of your home, or your office, you should contact them right away. They will provide their removal services for you, on the date that you need them, at a price that you can afford. Their friendly representatives will take your information, schedule you in, and you can look forward to working with the best removals company that offers affordable pricing. If you are ready to transition to a new home you have purchased, or your new office, contact the AMC removals company today.

How To Choose The Right Dublin Skip Hire Company

Posted by Bridget Phillips on  November 16, 2018
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So, you have finally decided to rid your home or office of all the excess clutter. The next step would be to find a Dublin skip hire company that can help with the removal of the items in question. With all of the companies that offer this service in the area, it can be difficult to decide which bin hire service is the best. Use the following advice if you want to make the process simpler and less stressful.

Skip Size 

Every company does not have the same size skips available. If you have a particularly large job that needs to be completed and a business is only offering small containers, this is a sign that you should look elsewhere for what you need. When trying to choose someone to do business with, make sure that you are clear about the size they offer. This will help you easily eliminate those that are not offering any feasible options.

Flexible Agreements 

In the event that you need a Dublin skip hire company to assist you and there is no definitive date when your project will be completed, it is important to have an agreement with some flexibility. You do not want to sign on the dotted line promising to be done by a certain date, then you are charged exorbitant fees when you ask for the scheduled time to be extended. The only way you should allow yourself to enter into a contract with zero flexibility would be if you are absolutely certain things will not take any longer than specified in the paperwork.

Adhering To Guidelines 

The government in Dublin has set regulations for companies who offer skip bin services. While you are on your search for a good provider, make sure that you ask about their licensing and whether or not they have a certificate under the Control of Pollution Act 1989. If the answer to either of those things is negative, you need to continue looking for what you need. Doing business with anyone who does not possess both shows that they are unsafe and they are not total professionals.

The Price 

While this should not be the first factor that you take into consideration, it is definitely something that you have to give some careful consideration. It would be unwise to assume that the services offered by a particular company are preferable if you are unsure about how much you will have to pay. The best way to handle this would be to get quotes from more than one Dublin skip hire company. The more you receive, the easier it will be to determine who has ridiculously high prices, who has rates so low you have to question their level of service and which ones are priced fairly in comparison to what they are offering.

Read Reviews 

One thing you should never discount while looking for a professional skip hire company in Dublin is the power of online reviews. Whether you are aware of this or not, people these days are more than happy to share their service experiences with others. For this reason, there should not be a shortage of feedback to sift through concerning businesses you are interested in.

The most difficult part will be trying to determine the legitimacy of each review. There are often people who leave negative reviews simply because they are upset about something that has nothing to do with a company directly. Read carefully and make sure that the writer of each review has first-hand knowledge and the information they have left relates to the company itself.


It is important that you select a bin hire service that will recycle all of the items they can before tossing the rest away. Even if you are not one of those people who consider themselves environmental, this should be a requirement of yours. Each year, there are endless amounts of waste that ends up in landfills and this is not good for anyone. When trying to decide whether a company is worth the investment, ask them about the way they plan to dispose of the items you throw away. If recycling is not part of the equation, you should have second thoughts about selecting them. A moving company may also help you in this area.

New Equipment 

Do not make the mistake of believing that you should accept help from a service that has old, badly worn and outdated equipment. Yes, you will be using it to get rid of waste, but that does not mean you have to be accepting of things that are not in great shape. Having things that are up to date shows you that a company cares about their image and the level of service they offer to their customers. Keep in mind that a company being in business for many years online & offline is not an excuse to slack off when it comes to replacing equipment that is far too old.

Added Features 

Focus on companies that have additional features that are not offered universally. This means that they go above and beyond which sets them apart from the rest. One example of an additional feature would be a company allowing you to pick up the equipment from their facility instead of requiring you to have it delivered. This will help you save money and it shows you that the company’s bottom line is not the factor that is most important to them.

Now that you know what to be on the hunt for, it is time to get out there and start your search. As you already know, there are skip bin providers all over Dublin. The goal is to find one that is worth the investment and stay away from those who are not worth it. Being diligent and taking your time to choose the right one means that you are more than likely going to be satisfied with your selection. In other words, slow down and avoid being too hasty as this usually means that you may end up making a decision that you will come to regret.

Tips On Selecting A Furniture Storage Company In Ireland

Posted by Bridget Phillips on  November 15, 2018
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If you have furniture that you need to store, and you are not sure which company to work with, there are many furniture storage companies in Ireland that you can call. You may have a small amount of furniture, or perhaps you are moving a substantial amount. You can find a furniture storage company in Ireland that can help you. Choosing one will require you to evaluate each company. Here is how you can locate the best business that offers these services today.

What Do Furniture Storage Companies Do? 

These businesses will have multiple warehouses where you can store your furniture. The warehouses will have smaller units inside. You will store your furniture in these cubicles which will have an individual lock. This will ensure that no one will be able to steal your belongings. The location of this business, and the prices that they charge, are factors that you need to consider. Although getting the best price should be a primary consideration, you also need to know they have enough room and that they are in a location that will be convenient.

How To Get Quotes From These Companies 

Getting a quote from a furniture storage company in Ireland is as simple as making a call. You can tell them how much furniture you have, and they can recommend a self-storage facility. By getting several of these, you will increase your odds of finding the best company that is offering reasonable prices. If you do work with a very limited budget, you may be forced to choose a company that might be out of the way. However, if you can pay a little extra, this gives you access to all of these different companies that will likely have a storage facility in an area that you would prefer.

What Type Of Furniture Can You Store There? 

The furniture that you can store will include sofas, loveseats, rockers, and virtually any other type of furniture you may own. This could be bedroom sets, dining room tables, and many other items. You are simply worried about the size of the storage container that you will have access to. You may have to stack everything very neatly so as to fill up the container without having to pay for another one. If you do need more than one, you can get quotes from these companies that will give you access to what could be the best furniture storage unit at a very low price.

How Long Can You Keep Your Belongings There? 

Storing your furniture at one of these facilities will make it possible for you to get ready to move. You may need to be out of your house by a certain date if you are moving home, but the house you have purchased may not be ready. If you can find one that is close by, you can quickly move everything out. This will save you a considerable amount of time. Some of these storage companies also have movers that may be able to help you. You can inquire about that as you are talking to each business.

Where To Find Promotional Offers For These Storage Units 

In certain areas of Ireland, there are multiple companies that are all offering similar services. They are going to be in competition with one another. One of the easiest ways to attract more customers than your competitors is to offer a lower price through a promotional code. You can provide that over the phone when you are placing your order. You may also want to go directly to the facility. You can make your payment, and when you give them the promotional code, you will save quite a bit of money by doing this type of research.

How Long Can You Keep Your Belongings There? 

You can keep your belongings there indefinitely. As long as you are making the monthly payment, they will not care how long you decide to stay. If you can get a storage unit that is with one of the largest furniture storage companies in Ireland, you will see how easy it is to save money on this purchase. Some people do not spend a lot of time looking for a discount. They are primarily concerned about placing their belongings in a secure area. The business that you choose to work with should also have a very good reputation which can be verified by looking at testimonials.

What Testimonials Tend To Say About These Companies 

When you read the testimonials, they are going to address one of three factors. First of all, they will talk to you about the price. They may state that this is one of the most cost-effective storage companies to work with. They may even have a code or a link to a discount page where you can place your order. Second, testimonials will show that actual people are using these businesses. The more authentic it is, the better off you will be. The final thing to consider is where they are located. As mentioned before, choose a company that is close by.

One Final Thing To Consider 

there is one last thing to consider before using one of these companies. It has to do with the size of the facility. The more units they have available, the easier it will be to choose one that is easy to access. In many cases, there will be a key or a card that will allow you into the facility. The larger the facility, the easier it will be to find the exact storage unit that you need. Smaller businesses tend to have far fewer units, and that’s why choosing a larger company might be the best decision. Here is some info on SEO for storage companies.

If you do need to find a furniture storage company in Ireland, you now know how to quickly find one of the best ones. Some of these businesses may not have very large units. Others will have multiple units, of all different shapes and sizes so that you can choose the one that will work best for you. If none of that matters to you, and you are simply looking for the best furniture storage company in Ireland, you can now find one very quickly that will cater to your needs.

5 Things That You Should Do to Help Your Furniture Removal Experts

Posted by Bridget Phillips on  September 27, 2018
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So, moving day has come and you’ve hired the help of professional furniture removers to help you streamline the process. This is one of the smartest decisions you could make for your situation, as professional removers are skilled and equipped enough to move anything in your business or residence with the care and attention that’s deserved.

While even the most full-service removal companies are staffed with only the most capable hands, there are things that you should consider doing on moving day to help them out. The pros will appreciate it, and these steps will only help things to move along faster.

When looking for a Dublin Storage facility, make sure you hire removals experts to take you a large quantity of items to your storage unit safely.

Stay Out of the Way

While you might feel compelled to get your hands dirty and help out you should remember that you hired professional furniture removers for a reason. Step back and let them do their job without interference.

Label or Remind Them of Fragile Furniture

Your antique furniture may need some extra tender care when being removed from your home or business, but removers often can’t tell what’s fragile from what’s not – at least not until they are physically holding the furniture in their hands. To minimize the risk of damage coming to your older and more delicate items, inform your furniture removers of what items are fragile ahead of time.

Empty Drawers and Cabinets

Keeping your items inside of dresser or desk drawers, armoires or other storage furniture causes two problems. First, it makes the furniture heavier. Second, it increases the risk of the items inside being damaged during the move. Make sure that all drawers and cabinets in your furniture are emptied before the arrival of the furniture removers.

Carry Your Own Medications, Cash and Other Valuables

Highly sensitive items like medication and cash are a nightmare for furniture removers to deal with, so nix these items from the equation entirely by storing them on your person come moving day. This helps to ensure that these important items will not be lost and protects the removers from potentially being blamed should something go missing.

Keep Communication Open

Your furniture removers might need to talk to you at some point during the job. To do this, they need to be able to find you in the first place. While staying out of the way is important, you do need to be accessible should the furniture removers have any inquiries. Stay where you can be located and alert your removers as to where you can be found if you have to leave the space for any reason.

When Should I Hire a Furniture Removal Company?

Posted by Bridget Phillips on  September 22, 2018
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There are two occasions where people will often turn to a furniture removal company for help:

  • When they are moving their home or business elsewhere
  • When they are making renovations to their existing space and want their current furniture discarded

The function of these companies is to remove furniture from one place and transport it where it needs to go – whether that’s to a trash collection facility or to a new building, or anywhere in-between. Moving furniture is a taxing process that some people will try to tackle on their own in hopes of saving money by not having to hire a removal company. However, this can make the process even more expensive and time-consuming than if they had sought the help of a professional in the first place.

“When is it a good idea to hire a furniture removal company instead of doing it on my own?”

This question doesn’t have one simple answer, but many. There are numerous occasions where individuals should recruit a furniture removal company to break down, move and haul their items.

When There is A Lot of Stuff

Trying to pack down and haul out an entire home or business’ worth of items is going to take all day, or even several days, to accomplish safely on your own. Professional removers, however, have access to all of the equipment and staffing necessary to get the job done in a reasonable – perhaps even superhumanly fast – timeframe. As it is with any task, having the best tools makes things go by a lot more smoothly. The same is true of professional furniture removers, who can drastically cut down the amount of time it takes to get your furniture from point A to point B.

When Furniture is Heavy or Old

The proper lifting equipment and tools to break down or move any existing furniture protects not only the movers from injury but also ensures that your items will not be damaged in the removal process. Furniture that is too heavy or old (delicate) to move easily is best left in the hands of the pros.

When You Want to Avoid Injury

The most confident of able-bodied individuals might feel that they can take on what seems to be a reasonable task without the help of professionals. However, accidents can – and do – happen. A matter as simple as misplaced hands or feet can end in a hospital visit, which we know you want to avoid at all costs. Professional furniture removers know the techniques to safely extract any type of furniture.

When Your Items Need to Go to the Trash

Hauling off your items to the dump yourself takes up a lot of time, and time is not a luxury that many people have when they’re in the midst of moving or making renovations. A professional removal company will be able not only to get the items out of the building, but also haul them off to wherever they need to go – including areas where they can be properly disposed of.

It may not seem like a big deal to try and handle this process on your own or with the help of a few friends and family members. However, after hiring a removal company just once, you will be astounded at how much time and energy you have saved.

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If you are moving your home or business elsewhere, you need to decide how you want your furniture and other belongings removed and transported from the first space. Savvy home and business owners will often recruit the help of a removals company to speed up and simplify the process for themselves. If you are of the same opinion, reach out to First Point Removals today.