5 Things That You Should Do to Help Your Furniture Removal Experts

So, moving day has come and you’ve hired the help of professional furniture removers to help you streamline the process. This is one of the smartest decisions you could make for your situation, as professional removers are skilled and equipped enough to move anything in your business or residence with the care and attention that’s deserved.

While even the most full-service removal companies are staffed with only the most capable hands, there are things that you should consider doing on moving day to help them out. The pros will appreciate it, and these steps will only help things to move along faster.

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Stay Out of the Way

While you might feel compelled to get your hands dirty and help out you should remember that you hired professional furniture removers for a reason. Step back and let them do their job without interference.

Label or Remind Them of Fragile Furniture

Your antique furniture may need some extra tender care when being removed from your home or business, but removers often can’t tell what’s fragile from what’s not – at least not until they are physically holding the furniture in their hands. To minimize the risk of damage coming to your older and more delicate items, inform your furniture removers of what items are fragile ahead of time.

Empty Drawers and Cabinets

Keeping your items inside of dresser or desk drawers, armoires or other storage furniture causes two problems. First, it makes the furniture heavier. Second, it increases the risk of the items inside being damaged during the move. Make sure that all drawers and cabinets in your furniture are emptied before the arrival of the furniture removers.

Carry Your Own Medications, Cash and Other Valuables

Highly sensitive items like medication and cash are a nightmare for furniture removers to deal with, so nix these items from the equation entirely by storing them on your person come moving day. This helps to ensure that these important items will not be lost and protects the removers from potentially being blamed should something go missing.

Keep Communication Open

Your furniture removers might need to talk to you at some point during the job. To do this, they need to be able to find you in the first place. While staying out of the way is important, you do need to be accessible should the furniture removers have any inquiries. Stay where you can be located and alert your removers as to where you can be found if you have to leave the space for any reason.